Why aren't we talking about our orgasms?

Women talk about a lot of things. We can chat about the 'time of the month' and how PMS is a perfectly good reason to be smashing a block of chocolate. We talk about our cellulite and how botox was something you were never going to do...but how you did it anyway because you were worried you always look angry (oh wait...that's me). We laugh and share our special technique to 'getting out of sex' when (not if) we're feeling like we can' be bothered. We chat about the best place to get a Brazilian wax. We talk about our boobs (our saggy, saggy boobs that could flap in the wind like pancakes, or sail us across the Atlantic) and how perky and pretty they used to be before we had kids.

We talk about all these things...but we don't talk about the fact that so many of us struggle to have an orgasm regularly, or at all. And why would we? It brings up hard issues.

Is it because we don't have enough chemistry with our partner (it was nice in the beginning... but now it's been what... 5 years?). Is it because he doesn't know yet how to give you good oral sex (let's be honest, that can be a tough one to navigate)? Or maybe you just don't think about it, because over time it's become less important. Your pleasure seems "too hard", so why bother. Just try and be thankful and enjoy what's nice.

The problem is, when we don't talk about our orgasms or lack thereof; when we don't talk about our pleasure, a HUGE amount of information that could potentially change our orgasm reality (and maybe that of our friends too) simply doesn't get generated and shared. It's time to chat ladies.