Erotic Keyboard

I want you to imagine you own an electric piano or key board. You know. The type that you have to plug in to an electric socket.

Imagine this keyboard is actually your sexual erotic keyboard. Your sexy music making machine. Play the right melody and you're seeing stars, falling, feeling waves crash through your body…. you get the idea.

Each woman is gifted one of these erotic keyboards. The problem is this. While we all received a keyboard, some of us weren’t plugged in to the power supply.

Early on in our lives we’re all just becoming aware that we even have this keyboard. Some of us discover it early on, others a little later. We get curious when we accidentally hit some notes and discover that they sound... really nice. Some of us start learning what sounds good, finding which notes really resonate and 'hit the spot' so to speak.

There’s a group of us out there though who try and play our keyboard and find instead that nothing really happens. So we seek answers from our friends or the internet and they all suggest that a different tune or technique might help. But no matter how softly or hard we push the keys, no matter what combination we try to play in, we don’t seem to be able to elicit a single sound. No magic melody. Nothing.

Meanwhile our friends have passed their first keyboard exams. They’ve found their "special" notes, the ones that hit their special erotic pathways and send them soaring, and now they're off finding new and amazing melodies that take them to new erotic places.

They even find out that they can share their music, huh! That they can make new songs with other people. Collaborate so to speak. They realise that adding some 'base' and some 'rhythm' can really get things pumping. Pun intended.

Meanwhile, the group of us that have been lagging behind are still waiting to hear a sound. Any sound. Literally. We keep hitting the keys, even with others. We pretend like we can hear the music sometimes, but the reality is that we've started to worry that we’ll never hear this special music others talk about.

Over time some of us give up trying to hear it. We play tunes with others, mimicking what they do. Because music to them is an integral part of their lives and we care about them, we also just want to fit in. For others we give up on music making altogether. It’s too hard. It’s too depressing. Knowing that we’re missing out on our own magical symphony is just too hard to bear.

I know first hand what it’s like to hit all the right keys, and yet never hear a peep. I wish that I had known what I know now. That it was always going to be impossible to hear anything if I wasn’t connected to the power supply. You see, without the continuous electric current the keyboard is rendered useless. Literally.

Recently I was 'plugged in' so to speak. And I heard my own beautiful melody for the first time not long after. It rocked me. I never knew something could feel like that. I’m not going to lie. It was amazing. Life altering. But it also left me feeling genuinely sorrowful.

Without a power supply of their own, I knew that many women out there were still in the same position I was, just a short time ago.

But here's the problem. The hook up I received to get my power supply working isn’t easily accessible. I want to be clear. I was in a privileged position. I got expert help to get my power supply to turn on.

But I’m not prepared to live in a world where only the privileged woman who struggles to orgasm gets the help they need.

So this is my mission and the reason I created the orgasm lab. To share what I know, and to fight for access to the game changing resources and medication for all women who struggle to orgasm in the hopes that more women like me can hear their unique pleasure song.