Don't Hate On Your Lips Ladies.

Vulva owners.

Your labia lips are an exquisite decoration that stand guard at the entrance to your vagina.

That’s how men see your lips.

They do not have a complicated system by which they rate the best types of labia lips.

You wanna know why? Proof?

The number one thing men think about when it comes to sex (their favorite topic) is.....

1. How good it is to be inside a vagina and two...

2. How it's even better to be inside a vagina, thrusting and gliding.

3. It's basically their favorite thing. Ever. Period.

When they see our labia (the outer and inner lips of our vulva) what mood are they in? Think about that for a second.

They are in the best mood ever. Why? Because if they are seeing your labia, chances are they are about to be in your vagina very soon. Where it’s warm and soft and hard in all the right spots. They feel held, just like they were in their mother's bosoms, but even better.

Think of it like this.

Men are like bees. Yes. Bees. And women or vagina owners are like flowers. Each one of us a unique specimen. Now back to the men. All they care about when it comes to sex (this is an exaggeration but you get the point) is getting to the pollen. The sweet, sweet pollen. And what luck they have! Because every bee lives in a garden full of all kinds of varieties of flowers. Each flower entices him with its unique and wonderful petals. They all look so incredibly different, they all open and unfurl in slightly different ways, smell slightly different. Each flower even has its own unique type of pollen - and that pollen - oooof is always delicious. No guy is looking at your petals and saying, "eh.... i'll pass". Because flowers are pretty. Let me repeat. There are no ugly flowers.

From their perspective men come across our luscious lips and want to worship them and give them thanks for the rights of passage into the valley of pollen. They enjoy watching how they open, how they respond to their touch, how they invite them in.

Your Labia, are the exquisite decoration that hold court at the entrance to the most magical place on earth. Your vagina.

So drop the self-hate. Don't let social media of all things dictate what is a non-negotiable fact. Labia lips are luscious decoration. Gorgeous petals that are unique and beautiful.

All your bee wants is to see you blossom. So open up flower, and let your beauty draw him in to drink your nectar.

If your bee makes any (!) comments otherwise - send that bee off to the weeds where he belongs.